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For many who don’t know, a gravity bong is a kind of drinking water bong that utilizes the push of gravity to attract smoke into the smokable herbs chamber. They could be created from a variety of resources, but the most prevalent are made from plastic bottles or buckets.

Gravity bongs are frequently utilized by people who smoke who wish to get a fast and extreme great. The advantages of by using a gravity bong are available a lot of smoke in just one strike, and it’s also easier on your lung area than using tobacco coming from a normal bong.

The downside of gravitational pressure bongs is they can be tough to make, and in case you’re not careful, it is possible to end up with a awful situation in the greenies (aka cannabis paranoia). But when you comply with our guidelines listed below, you will be able to come up with a gravity bong with no difficulties!

Materials You’ll Need to have

To create a gravity bong, you’ll require:

A plastic package or bucket

A container or piece for the bong

A drill

A nail or pen

Aluminium foil

A lighter weight


Drill a hole in the jar or container nearby the bottom part. The golf hole should be large enough to put the bowl or bit for your personal bong.

Deal with the golf hole with aluminium foil and poke pockets inside it with a nail or pen. Make certain that the slots are sufficient to permit atmosphere by way of but small enough to ensure herbs won’t slip by means of.

Put the container or piece to your bong with the pit inside the aluminium foil.

Load the container or container with normal water until it’s about halfway full. The water ought to be sufficient in order that when you position the bowl under h2o, it’s completely immersed.

Put your mouth over the top of the jar or container and light the bowl. When you breathe in, slowly and gradually raise the bottle or bucket from the normal water. This will cause the smoke to get driven in the chamber. When the holding chamber is whole, remove the bowl and inhale!

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