Zombie girl shaking her hips doing twerking

As we already know in the world the zombie and the twerking are not paired but this time yes and I will tell you how it happened, A company wanted to make a zombie event and had no ideas on how to get to people, and they told him that the twerking is very fashionable and if they combined the two could make more people could see that show, so they started and looked for girls that you would see a beautiful body and the most important thing was that they could move their hips to the music Since it is the most important thing, After a lot of looking at the end they found the girl who was giving the size to make that show since she had to act after rob zombie, This girl in the show left everyone with her mouth open since it is a blonde with a body and a very sexual face, At first it was thought that it was a joke that like a zombie and will dance twerk it was thought that it was  hidden camera but it was not really, A day before the show the girl I was preparing his dance steps while teaching him where he had to act,

The day of the performance arrived and you asses that everything is going on she put on her costume and makeup to look like a zombie, but what happened was that she did not know what clothes to wear so that the performance would be good, so the manager I call a stylist and put it in his hands since the girl knew how to dance very well but she did not know how to put together the clothes but it was normal was broken and stained clothes, She started the performance with a very sexual music and a girl in the middle of the stage wagging hips like a professional and the public was in sung.